Communication panel

At Velliv, we make a dedicated effort to develop our communication in cooperation with our customers. Our goal is simple: we want to be experts in communicating your pension scheme in a secure and easily comprehensible manner.

Therefore, we are looking for customers who would like to join our communication panel. This is the panel we ask when we want to improve the existing communication or test a new form of communication. This could be letters, wording or new communication channels.

Communication panel

As a member of our communication panel, you:

  • Can influence the way in which we communicate
  • Can provide input and views through questionnaires, tests, etc.
  • Will be contacted by e-mail 2-5 times a month - it takes 5-10 minutes to participate
  • Can participate if you have a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connection
  • Can decide yourself on a case-by-case basis whether you want to participate


Further information

  • Velliv may contact you by e-mail 2-5 times a month.
  • You always decide yourself whether you want to participate in the survey received.
  • Your responses are anonymous and will only be used by Velliv and our business partners* to develop our communication.
  • Your data will only be used to contact you in relation to your participation in the communication panel.
  • The overall results from a customer survey may be published by Velliv, e.g. in a newsletter.
  • You may leave Velliv's communication panel at any time and have all your data deleted.
  • You agree to receive material about our communication, i.e. letters, wording, videos and symbols/icons which will also include marketing material.
  • Velliv may change the conditions for participation in the panel and/or decide to no longer use the panel.

* External digital and marketing agencies.