What you receive in bonus

The bonus is fixed at 0.14 per cent before tax. This means that if, for instance, you had DKK 1 million saved with Velliv on 31 December 2018 and were still a customer on 28 March 2019, an amount of DKK 1,450 will be paid into your NemKonto in May.


If you were also a customer with savings last year, you have received a total bonus of about DKK 4,130 for each million saved. See more about the bonus here.

You now also own more of Velliv.

At the same time, Velliv Foreningen increases its ownership share of Velliv from 70 per cent to now 81 per cent. Moreover, it has been agreed that over the coming years, Velliv will acquire the remaining shareholding of 19 percent held by the Nordea Group. Once this process has been completed, Velliv will be 100 percent owned by its customers.


Steen Michael Erichsen, CEO of Velliv, explains the purchase of shares by Velliv Foreningen: " An ownership share of about 81 per cent of the shares means that even more of Velliv's profit will go to Velliv Foreningen and thereby to the customers. This allows for bonus payment to the members, who are all customers of Velliv. That strengthens our unique business model with three sources of return, and that distances us even further from everyone else in the market".


As a co-owner of Velliv, you may also have co-determination. Read more about the Board of Representatives of Velliv Foreningen here.

In those years where the scope is provided by the return on Velliv Foreningen's investments, all members will receive bonus.

80 per cent of the profit of the association goes to bonus payments and 20 per cent goes to charitable activities that improve mentalt health in Denmark

Based on a good result for 2018, the Board of Representatives of Velliv has decided to pay out DKK 204 million in cash members' bonus, whereas DKK 51 million goes to charitable activities that promote mental health.