With money comes responsibility

As a pension company, we take social responsibility. We know that our investments impact the world we live in.

Principles for responsible investment

To emphasise that we take responsibility and have special focus on ESG in Velliv, we have also decided to sign the UN PRI in our own name. This way, we undertake to integrate the following 6 principles in our investment process:

  1. Integrate ESG issues into investment analyses and decision-making processes
  2. Exercise corporate governance and integrate ESG issues in corporate governance policies and in the poerationel management of investments
  3. Seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest
  4. Promote acceptance and implementation of the principles within the investment industry
  5. Work together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the principles
  6. Report on our activities and progress towards implmenting the principles

For more information about the principles, visit

Implementation of the principles

We work actively with responsible investments. Dialogue and cooperation with the companies in which we invest are the best way to influence and change the companies' behaviour. If we remove them from our portfolio, we will have no influence – and other investors with different ethical standards will support the companies.

To ensure a structured analysis process and the best possible decision-making basis for investment and exclusion, if relevant, we have made an agreement with ISS-Ethix, which is an internationally recognised provider of services within the field of responsible investment.


We have a zero tolerance policy against the following investments:

  • Manufacturers of biological weapons
  • Manufacturers of chemical weapons
  • Companies that manufacture landmines, cluster bombs and atomic bombs
  • Companies whose main activities (more than 30% of the revenue) are coal mining or sale of coal
  • Government bonds issued by governments which are generally subject to sanctions and/or do not respect UN human rights


Our portfolios are open. We state what companies we have had dialogue with and how many votes we participate in, and – of course – the companies in which we invest.