Now you can make a world of difference with your pension savings

With the new VækstPension Aftryk savings profile, you can now make an extra positive impact on both society and the environment without compromising your returns. Impact investing allows you to make a positive contribution to the world – in line with the UN’s SDGs.

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PensionsInfo is now available in English

Now it’s easier to get an outline of your pension schemes and savings. With PensionsInfo you can get an overview of all your pension schemes across different pension providers.

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Stick to your investment profile

Updated 03 April 2020:
Here you can read more about why you should stick to your investment profile and you can read more about the markets, meeting formats and cover in connection with illness.

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forsikring pension natur bær gren

Cover from pension schemes in connection with virus epidemics

Updated 12 March 2020:
The spread of the coronavirus receives massive media attention, and the first cases are now seen in Denmark.

So how are our customers covered in connection with epidemics? 

For corporate customers, there are no restrictions, and we provide cover if illness results in reduced earning capacity or death. 

For private customers, exclusions might apply when travelling to and staying in at-risk countries. However, this only applies if the insurance has been in force for less than 1 year. This will be based on a specific assessment in the individual situation, and generally our customers are covered. 

We are taking care of your pension savings

We all have various needs in life – also when it comes to pension contributions and risk taking. That is why we offer different pension schemes depending on your need. Read more about our products and watch your current contributions and returns.

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When your private life changes

If you get married, have children or buy a new home, there are some changes around your coverage and possibilities that you need to pay attention to.

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When your working life changes

If something changes in your work life, don’t forget to check your pension scheme. Should you for instance get a new job, become unemployed or go on secondment, there are certain elements of your pension scheme that you have to pay attention to.

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Insurance – coverage for you and your family

Various types of insurance are linked to your pension scheme. As a Velliv customer, you do not have to worry about your financial situation, if you suddenly become unable to work.

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pension forsikring investering natur sundhed mark klitter vand sand

Information about Corona

Information for customers and business partners.

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Find returns and fund lists with information about the funds in LinkPension.