We are there when you need us

We provide attractive pension solutions to more than 420,000 Danes. This is crucial for your security and your opportunities - both during your working life and afterwards.

You will therefore find that we are curious about who you are and how you live your life. This allows us to ensure that your pension scheme matches you and your specific needs.

Clear information and recommendations

As a pension company, we are part of many customers’ life story – through working life, during life crises and through old age. That imposes duties and requirements, in particular on our financial performance and our advisory services - and that requires us to provide clear information; clear information about options and qualified recommendations and clear information about trends and developments.

Providing advice is our main focus, and we have high requirements for the skills, understanding of other people and integrity of our advisers. Every day, we talk to people in all kinds of situations: young families with small children, single people, blended families and mature parents with children living away from home. People at the beginning of their working lives, people on their way out of the labour market, people in happy stages of their lives, people experiencing life crises and people facing crossroads. It is all about people. We are explicit in our recommendations, but we always focus on the situation, wants and needs of the individual person.