Cookies and personal data policy

Personal data are processed according to the following guidelines in Velliv:

Registration of information

Velliv does not register information about your behaviour on the website and in Mit Velliv / Netpension, except when you provide personal data and in situations where 'cookies' are used.

If you ask for a quote by e-mail, we register the information provided to be able to make the quote. If you do not accept the quote, the information will be deleted no later than after 6 months.


Velliv may automatically collect information by using cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser. The text file contains information and is used to support the use of the relevant website and is used to make our website more user-friendly.

A cookie cannot contain virus as it is not a program and does not contain personal data about you.

How are cookies used?

Velliv uses session cookies to run Mit Velliv / Netpension. It is a condition for using Mit Velliv / Netpension that you have accepted the use of session cookies. This means that you cannot use Mit Velliv / Netpension if you disable session cookies. They will disappear when you log out of Mit Velliv / Netpension.

Velliv also uses cookies to store information about the choices you make on the website so you do not have to close pop-ups or make other choices more than once. We also use cookies to extract statistics on how you use our website, allowing us to continuously enhance the user experience.

Cookies are also used to run other functions on the website, so if you disable them, the website might not work properly.

Delete or avoid cookies? 

If you do not want to accept cookies, you can change the security settings in your browser. Please note that if you do not disable cookies, Velliv will assume that you accept the use of cookies.

You delete cookies in your browser settings. How to delete cookies depends on your browser.

On, you will find a guide on how to disable cookies or delete them from your browser.

Data security

As recommended by the Danish Data Protection Agency, the personal data provided on are protected by strong encryption (128 bit SSL) during the transmission from your computer to Velliv.

Payment via NemKonto

We make payments via NemKonto. It is no longer necessary to obtain and update your account details on a regular basis as the updated details already exist in the NemKonto system. You no longer have to remember to tell us if you have a new NemKonto number.

This means that your NemKonto number and civil registration number or the company’s business registration number will be exchanged with Nordea Denmark, branch of Nordea Bank AB (publ), Sweden, which helps us provide the payment to you based on the information in the NemKonto system.  According to the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data, we are therefore required to inform you of the following:

  • As controller, the Danish Agency for Digitisation is responsible for the establishment and operation of the NemKonto system and has assigned the data processing task to the company KMD A/S.
  • When Velliv A/S sends a payment notice and your civil registration number via Nordea Denmark, branch of Nordea Bank AB (publ), Sweden, to KMD A/S, your civil registration number is only used to identify your NemKonto number, whereupon payment is made.
  • According to the rules of the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data, you may at any time request further information about the current registrations of your personal data via NemKonto support on +45 44 60 63 68 or by e-mail to You can also see and change your data on If you are not satisfied with the way in which Velliv processes data about you, you can complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28, 5., DK-1300 Copenhagen K.

Processing of personal data in Velliv

You can read more about the processing of personal data here

Marketing from Velliv

Velliv A/S would like to inform you of any new or changed products and services you might find interesting. If you do not want to receive marketing material from us about products and services, please contact us. Please note that if it is registered in the Civil Registration System that you do not want to receive marketing in general, you will not receive any marketing material from us.