Processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes

Read here how we process your personal data if you have consented to receive marketing material from Velliv. You can also read about how we process your personal data in our Privacy Policy.

At Velliv, we wish to provide you with the most relevant and best possible recommendations and news, because we wish to take responsibility for your financial situation when it comes to your life and pension. Accessing your schemes should be easy and straightforward, and we wish to let you know when you may benefit from making adjustments – or simply confirm to you that everything is in order.

If you have consented to receive marketing material or newsletters from Velliv, we use your personal data for compilation purposes to target our marketing etc. specifically to you.

Why we may use your data

When we process your personal data, we have a legal basis for the processing.

You have given your consent under the Danish Marketing Practices Act (markedsføringsloven) for Velliv to contact you with direct marketing. This is thus the purpose for which Velliv is processing data about you. The data we process is primarily your contact details, i.e. your name, email address, address, telephone number, customer number and civil registration (CPR) number.

The basis for our processing of this data is consent, as your marketing consent means that you have consented to your data being processed for this purpose.

When we contact you, we want it to be for relevant reasons. Velliv therefore processes personal data about you, information about your relationship with us and contact history to target our marketing material to you, unless you have opted out of such processing.

You were informed of an easy way to opt out of this processing when you gave your marketing consent. You can opt out of this processing at any time by contacting Velliv using the link shown together with your marketing consent in Velliv's self-service solution, and you also have the right to object to Velliv's processing at any time, e.g. by emailing your objection to

The legal basis for this processing of your data is that the processing is necessary for us to pursue our legitimate interest in providing you with direct marketing that is relevant to you.

In the other sections you can read about how we use information about you to target our marketing material and which information we use.

What information we use about you to target our marketing

In order to target our marketing to you, we process information about your name, address, contact details, date of birth, marital status, gender, payroll information, contact history (meetings, questions, requests, answers to questions/questionnaires, use of Velliv's user interfaces) and your relationship with us (e.g. your contributions, savings, risk profile, insurance covers and any other products).

In addition, we may also use data from our website, e.g. via cookies on our closed platforms such as Netpension, Mit Velliv, the app and your click behaviour in emails.

Here are some examples of what we use your data for:

  • You have moved, and your circumstances may have changed. We will send you information about what you should keep in mind.
  • We can see that you often use Netpension and Mit Velliv but not our app. We will send you an email informing you about our app and how it allows you to access your scheme quickly and easily.
  • You have been actively clicking on stories about returns over a long period of time or perhaps making daily checks in our app. We will make sure to send you relevant information about returns or perhaps encourage you to complete the investment guide and invite you to an investment seminar.


What we do not do

Velliv does not use sensitive data about, for example, your health to contact you with marketing material. Your consent to marketing does not include the use of personal data about health and other purely private matters.

Your personal data is not disclosed or sold to other parties for marketing purposes, e.g. our business partners, unless you have specifically requested it or have consented to it.

Your personal data will be erased or depersonalised when it is no longer necessary for Velliv to process the personal data for marketing purposes or for purposes incompatible with those purposes.

How we use information about you

We use the information about you for segmentation purposes in order to select recipients of marketing on a specific content. Below are some examples of selected segments: For example, anyone:

Segment example 1

  • who has a paid-up policy,
  • who is over 45 years old and have a Vækstpension,
  • who does not have health insurance

Segment example 2

  • whose pension savings exceed DKK 2 million,
  • who is over 50 years old,
  • whose annual salary exceeds DKK 750,000

Segment example 3

  • who has a paid-up policy,
  • who is under 35 years old,
  • whose savings are below DKK 50,000

This way, we can make sure that the marketing material you receive is more relevant to you.

We also use data to assess whether we have services which you can benefit from or which others like you have benefited from using.

Logging of user behaviour (cookies, tracking, etc.)

If you have given your consent, we log your behaviour on digital channels, e.g. the subjects you read about in emails, in the app, Netpension, Mit Velliv and on the website.

If you have accepted the use of cookies on our digital platforms, we will be able to use this data to target relevant news, marketing and Gode Råd (Useful Tips) to you. You can read more about how we use cookies here.

Cookie handling

Do you have any questions?

You can contact Velliv at any time to request access to the information we have recorded about you, or if you want the personal data that we process about you erased or rectified.
You can read more on our website about your rights and our privacy policy here.


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