Personal data and marketing

Velliv wants to give you the most relevant and best possible recommendations and news. The reason is that we want to take responsibility for your financial situation now and when you retire. Accessing your schemes should be easy and clear, and we want to let you know when it is a good idea for you to make adjustments – or just confirm that everything looks fine. If you have agreed to receive marketing material or newsletters from Velliv, we use personal data about you so we can compare them and target our marketing and communication specifically to you.

When can we use data about you

When we process personal data about you, we have authority to do so. Authority could for instance be your consent, but it may also be a legitimate interest or because it follows from the agreement we have with you. You can read more about processing authority here on the website.

We may register your age, gender, marital status, etc. to be able to inform you of relevant news that have an impact on the services we provide to you as a customer. We do so because we have a legitimate interest.

In order to send you the information most relevant for you, Velliv uses personal data about you, information about your exposure with us and contact history.

What data do we use about you

Name, contact details, date of birth, salary, contact history (meetings, questions, requests, answers to questions, responses to questionnaires), exposure with us (e.g. your contribution, savings, risk profile, insurance and any other products), tax information, marital status, family relationships (spouse, cohabitant/children), demographic conditions, your behaviour on digital channels (e.g. what e-mails you open and what subjects you read about in e-mails, the app, Netpension, Mit Velliv and on the website), purchased or publicly available data from e.g. Statistics Denmark, the Central Register of Buildings and Dwellings, the Central Business Register (e.g. change of address/change of home) and social media.

Registration of behaviour (cookies, tracking, etc.)

If you have accepted the use of cookies on our digital platforms, we may use such data to target relevant news, marketing and tips for you. You can read more about how we handle cookies here.

Cookie handling

What sources?

We use the data we have about you by virtue of our customer relationship. We use data from our website, e.g. via cookies, on our closed platforms such as Netpension, Mit Velliv and app and through click behaviour in e-mails. We also use data from publicly available registers, such as the Central Office of Civil Registration, the Central Business Register and the Central Register of Buildings and Dwellings.

In some cases we also use data that we buy from external sources. This could be social media such as Facebook, but also providers that offer market-based analyses of customer segments by e.g. geography.

Here are some examples of what we use your data for:

  • You have moved and your situation might have changed. We send you information about what you need to be aware of.
  • We can see that you often use Netpension and Mit Velliv but not our app. We will e.g. send you an e-mail with information about our app and the opportunities you have of getting quick and easy access to your pension scheme.
  • You have over a long period actively clicked on stories about return or perhaps even checked it on a daily basis in our app. We make sure to send you relevant information about return or perhaps invite you to an investment seminar.

What we do not do

Velliv does not use your sensitive personal data about e.g. your health to contact you with marketing material. Your consent to marketing does not include the use of personal data about health matters and other purely private affairs.

Your personal data are not disclosed or sold to any other parties, such as our business partners, for marketing purposes, unless you have specifically requested it or consented to it.

Your personal data will be deleted or anonymised when it is no longer necessary for Velliv to process the data for marketing purposes or purposes not compatible with that.


You are always welcome to contact Velliv and request access to the data we have registered about you, or if you want to have the personal data we process about you erased or rectified.

Do you have any questions?

You can read more on our website about your rights and our personal data policy. 

If you have any questions about how we process your data, or the above, or if you want to complain about the processing of your personal data, please contact Velliv. You can also file a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28, 5., DK-1300 Copenhagen K.

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