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Complaint guide

It is essential for us that you and our other customers are satisfied with our service, terms and conditions. If we make mistakes, we admit it. We correct the mistakes as soon as possible, and we learn from our mistakes so that we can become better.

We give high priority to complaints handling.

If you disagree with one of our decisions or if, for any other reason, you want to complain about Velliv, you have several options for having your case considered.

Is it a misunderstanding?

In certain cases, it is a simple misunderstanding. Or perhaps new information has become available which we did not take into account the first time.

Please contact the department directly. We always listen. And if the disagreement can be solved this way, that is the easiest and quickest solution for all parties.

Complaint procedures

If you are still not satisfied, you have two options for having your case reconsidered.

1: Contact Velliv's complaints manager 

You can ask the department to forward your complaint to Velliv’s complaints manager – or send your complaint directly to:

Complaints Manager
Lautrupvang 10 
2750 Ballerup

You can also write to Velliv’s complaints manager via our contact form:

Write to complaints manager


2: Request an independent assessment from the Danish Insurance Complaints Board

If you want a completely independent assessment of your case, please contact the Danish Insurance Complaints Board. The Insurance Complaints Board considers complaints about all types of insurance. In order to have a complaint considered, you have to be able to document that we do not agree with you. Read more on

You can make a complaint online or you can print a complaint form via . The price of filing a complaint with the Danish Insurance Complaints Board is DKK 200.

Internet: - here you can find more information and download the complaint form. You can also read about the previous decisions made by the Insurance Complaints Board.