When will you receive an answer from us?

We know that the waiting time and response time might seem long when you wait for clarification of important matters such as insurance and pension. However, it is important for us that we process all the inquiries we receive meticulously and correctly. Therefore, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Register for e-Boks

Although you will still receive some standard letters from us, we aim to send more of our letters electronically. Therefore, we recommend that you register for letters and information from Velliv in e-Boks under “Tilmeld afsendere” (Register senders) so you do not miss any important information. See more on e-Boks by searching for Velliv.

Update your information

In some circumstances we might have to call you or send an e-mail to give you a prompt answer. If we do not have your phone number and e-mail address, you can update your contact details via the Velliv app and by logging into Mit Velliv / Netpension.