Useful info concerning the coronavirus

The coronavirus means our everyday lives have changed, and there are many news things to take into consideration. We have collected some information on advisory meetings, disbursements, investments and your pension saving’s cover. The page will be updated on an ongoing basis.

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Stick to your investment profile

Updated 16 March 2020:  
The coronavirus has created a great deal of uncertainty in the past few weeks, and it has negatively impacted the stock markets as they have seen significant declines in that same period. This has left many with pension savings with the question of how to respond to this situation - is it time to change your investment profile or not? 

See Velliv's advice
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Physical advisory meetings will now be online meetings

Updated 12 March 2020:
At Velliv, we are supporting the Danish Government’s initiatives to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in Denmark by, among other things, cancelling all 
physical meetings and having our employees work from home. If you have scheduled a physical meeting with us in the coming weeks, you will be contacted by an advisor and given the chance to schedule an online meeting instead. 
You can still reach us during our usual opening hours - though you may have to wait a bit longer for us to respond if coronavirus developments continue to result in us receiving more calls than usual. If you are not calling about something very urgent, it might therefore be a good idea to wait a bit before calling us. 

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Cover from pension schemes in connection with virus epidemics

Updated 9 March 2020:
For customers covered by a company pension agreement, there are no limitations and we will provide cover if an illness results in a reduced earning capacity or death.
For private customers, exceptions might apply when travelling to and staying in at-risk countries. However, this only applies if the insurance has been in force for less than 1 year. This will be based on a specific assessment in the individual situation, and generally speaking our customers are covered. 

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We are ready to assist you

Speak to our social workers 
As a Velliv customer, you can call in and ask about your concerns and other questions on social matters that you may have during the corona crisis. For example, you may have questions about the consequences or initiatives that the government has taken and how they might impact you. We are ready to take your calls and assist you - call us at +45 7033 3703 from Monday to Friday. 

Treatment via a health insurance 
If you have a health insurance from one of the insurance companies that we partner with, you can find information about how they might be able to help you in relation to treatment and advice about the coronavirus on their websites or by calling them. You can find the contact details here. 

Help in connection with sick leave or critical illness 
In the event of sick leave and critical illness, we are also ready to assist you - call us at +45 7033 3713.  

Bøgen springer ud på træet i foråret

New habits for remote working

Updated on 13 March 2020:
More remote working and new working habits is the new reality for many of us now. Therefore, this is a good time to learn more about how best to work remotely. Many of us are used to working from home, but not many of us will have tried doing so for extended periods.

Our experience is that it requires patience and understanding when everything might not be as easy as usual, so we need to practice. But there are also opportunities in this. We can practice new ways of managing remote meetings and we can try to find the best way of making everyone feel like we belongWe can also add small productive and useful breaks to our working day at home - for example, if we take a walk and get some fresh air, look at some clouds and trees and get some exercise. 

Here are some minor tips for taking little breaks:

Get some fresh air by opening the window or taking a quick walk outside

This re-energises your body and mind.

Listen to relaxing music

This prevent stress.

Take 10 very deep breaths

This increases your ability to focus and prevents stress.

Give a virtual pat on the shoulder to a colleague

Recognition for work well done is a great motivator.

Take 100 steps

All movement strengthens your body and mind.

Make it a priority to get enough sleep and try to calm your mind

Strengthens the immune system and makes you more positive and energetic.