Make a world of difference with your pension savings

Your pension savings leave a footprint on the world we live in. They do so at the time of disbursement, where they aim to ensure that you get the most out of your retirement. But it actually starts as early as today because of the way they are invested. Your savings are already responsibly invested, and with VækstPension Aftryk (‘Aftryk’ is a Danish word that can be translated as ‘footprint’), you can now make an extra positive contribution to both society and the environment – and you will not even have to compromise on the simplicity and long-term returns you already know from VækstPension.

Sten i vandkanten til havet

An improved footprint

As a customer-owned pension company, we are working to create the optimum long-term returns, and with VækstPension Aftryk, our ambition is to have your investments also have a more positive effect on the environment and society in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. With VækstPension Aftryk, we have created a savings profile that mainly selects investments in ‘ESG best-in-class funds’, ‘ethical funds’, ‘sustainability funds’, ‘green bonds’ and ‘impact funds’. In other words, funds in which the underlying assets are expected to have the best prerequisites for resulting in the most positive effect on society and the environment.

Read more about excluded investments and the ongoing development of the savings profile further down on this page. Below, you can also run the numbers for your own reduced climate impact – these figures are also available in the Velliv app.

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Why focus on more than just climate?

Our ambition is to offer a savings product with a strong focus on the environmental and social impacts of the investments. We believe this to be in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

In the development process, we have asked Danes* what they think are the most important goals to work on and how they would personally like to make a difference.

VækstPension Aftryk has a diverse approach to sustainability and measures and evaluates its footprint in terms of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals on an ongoing basis. Upon its launch, VækstPension Aftryk focuses on three of the SDGs, but more SDGs will be included as focus areas over time. The three initial SDGs are:

Goal 13: Climate Action

VækstPension Aftryk does not invest in the extraction, production and distribution of fossil fuels, and it has a strong focus on companies that support the green transition. In addition, the carbon footprint of the investments is measured on an ongoing basis.

Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

In VækstPension Aftryk, we focus on investments that particularly promote growth or benefit the underprivileged. This may, for example, include investments in microfinancing/loans for low-income groups and educational activities in developing countries.

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being

In VækstPension Aftryk, we will also prioritise investments that promote access to healthcare services or in other ways benefit those with less resources at their disposal – not least in developing countries.
Pensionister på tur ved stranden med deres børn

98% of Velliv’s new customers choose a VækstPension product – we welcome VækstPension Aftryk to the family.

VækstPension Aftryk is based on the familiar lifecycle product, VækstPension, which automatically adjusts the risk depending on how close you are to retirement and has been a top performer in terms of returns over the past ten years. We expect that the long-term returns of VækstPension Aftryk will be similar to Velliv’s other lifecycle products with the same investment profile. However, there will probably be more volatility in the short term compared to VækstPension Aktiv, as VækstPension Aftryk has a narrower investment universe. The costs are expected to be similar to VækstPension Aktiv.

You can select VækstPension Aftryk for your combined pension savings in VækstPension. If you do, you will get:

  • an opportunity to select the overall level of risk for the investments in your pension savings with the investment profiles: High risk, Medium risk and Low risk.
  • a thorough investment selection process and risk diversification through a portfolio with many asset classes across many industries and geographical areas.

See more about investing, returns and risks and costs.

How you select VækstPension Aftryk

If you already have VækstPension Aktiv or Index, you can log in and change to VækstPension Aftryk.

In Netpension, go to in the self-service tab under “Investeringsvalg” (Investment choices).

In Mit Velliv, go to the Investment tab and find the link to “Investeringsvalg” (Investment choices).

If you do not have VækstPension, please contact us via the app or call us at +45 70 33 99 99, and we will help you get started.


In line with the UN’s SDGs

With VækstPension Aftryk, your pension savings will be invested with a strong focus on the environment, climate, society and corporate governance, so that you will have a better impact on the environment and society in line with the UN’s SDGs.
Among other things, VækstPension Aftryk focuses on making investments that put less stress on the environment. To begin with, we illustrate this by using carbon footprints to evaluate our investments.

Your improved carbon footprint with VækstPension Aftryk is calculated as the difference between your investments’ carbon footprint in VækstPension Aftryk, and the carbon footprint you would have had, had you invested in a similar and diversified global shares and bonds portfolio.

For the individual customer, the number of years before reaching the retirement age and the selected risk profile will play a role in the calculation of the reduced carbon footprint. This is because VækstPension Aftryk is a so-called lifecycle product, where the investment risk is gradually reduced (at the earliest) 15 years before your retirement date.

Your footprint when investing DKK 1 million in VækstPension Aftryk and benchmark


Number of years until retirement

Tonnes of CO2

+15 years


5 years before

0 years

5 years after

15 years after







VækstPension Aftryk






Impact, tonnes of CO2






Impact, %






Comment: Medium risk and 15-year annuity certain.

Naturally, these calculations are not an exact measurement, and the numbers shown will change over time. Among other things, this is because the quality of the underlying data will gradually improve. We also expect that there will be a general trend of increased energy efficiency in the years ahead. There will also be changes made to the composition of the investments in both VækstPension Aftryk and the benchmark portfolio. Furthermore, this will also apply to the individual companies’ carbon footprints, etc. which are published when companies submit their financial statements. The collection of data related to the investments’ carbon footprint is carried out by the internationally recognised rating agency ISS (

The calculator on the website assumes a reduction of 21.1 tonnes of CO2 per million DKK savings. This is the same as the impact for a customer with VækstPension Aftryk medium risk who has at least 15 years to go before retirement.

In our app, you can find an illustration of how much your own carbon footprint has improved with VækstPension Aftryk.

Responsible investing in a customer-owned pension company

In Velliv, we take responsibility for the world we live in. Responsible investments and social responsibility are themes that are very important for us and our customers. We have an ambitious agenda, we continually raise the bar for what we will or will not invest in, and we are working with active ownership in a targeted manner in the companies we invest in. We believe that we can contribute to a more sustainable world that is based on international principles of social responsibility, and we believe that high long-term returns can go hand in hand with respect for the environment and society. See more under responsible investments.

Investments in VækstPension Aftryk

VækstPension Aftryk mainly invests in ‘ESG best-in-class funds’, ‘ethical funds’, ‘sustainability funds’, ‘green bonds’ and ‘impact funds’. In other words, funds in which the underlying assets are expected to have the best prerequisites for creating the best possible impact on society and the environment.

As part of ensuring the most positive impact on the environment and society, investments will not be made in a number of controversial sectors (alcohol, tobacco, fossil fuels, arms, gambling and pornography) as these are assessed as being incompatible with the purpose of the product. The exclusion of certain investments takes place either via Velliv’s or the asset manager’s implementation of a sector screening, in which companies with more than 5% of their turnover from the designated excluded sectors are excluded from the investment universe.

VækstPension Aftryk has a diverse approach to sustainability, and it will measure and evaluate its footprint in terms of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals on an ongoing basis. Upon its launch, VækstPension Aftryk will focus on three of the SDGs, but more SDGs will be included as focus areas over time.