Get quick help with health insurance if you become ill or injured

With health insurance you can get prompt treatment, and your expenses for preliminary examinations, surgery and rehabilitation will be covered.

If you have your company pension scheme with us, you can take out health insurance directly with us. If you want private health insurance, please contact Tryg or your personal banker at Nordea.


Insurance that helps you get on with your life

With health insurance, your life will not be on stand-by, even though you become ill or injured.

The insurance provides

  • qucik access to leading specialists
  • a second opinion
  • possibility of expanding the insurance cover - for instance to include your family


More about the insurance

The insurance covers if you become ill or injured. You can also take out insurance for your spouse/cohabiting partner and your children.

You will have access to Tryg's network of therapists and private hospitals in the Nordic region and Germany, and the insurance covers the costs of

  • preliminary examinations
  • surgery
  • rehabilitation
  • second opinion
  • pain investigation
  • allergy investigation
  • 24 hour emergency crisis counselling

You may choose to expand the cover of the health insurance. Contact Tryg for further information about your options.

Please also contact Tryg directly if you have an accident and you need your health insurance.

Contact Tryg +45 44 20 26 40

Dansk Sundhedsforsikring

If your insurance is with Danish Health Insurance, you can call them here.