Provide financial security for your children with children's pension

With the children's pension, your children are guaranteed a monthly amount if you die before retirement age. This way you provide extra security for your children.

Insurance which provides financial security for your children

With a children's pension with us, your children will have financial security for the future.

The insurance provides:

  • basic financial security for you and your family
  • monthly benefits until your children reach a certain age - maximum 24 years
  • full advantage of your children's favourable tax treatment (tax exemption card/low income tax rate)


More about the insurance

Children's pension becomes payable on your death and may cover your children and adopted children as well as your spouse’s/registered partner's children.

Contributions are tax-deductible and benefits are taxable. However, since children are typically subject to favourable tax treatment – they have a tax exemption card and/or low income tax rate – they will be able to make the most of your family’s overall benefits with regard to tax.

Before you can take out the insurance, you need to submit your health information to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need guidance.