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Customer group life provides financial security

Customer group life offers standard cover to provide security in connection with illness or accident. The insurance is typically interesting if you do not have an occupational pension scheme that provides cover for death, reduced earning capacity and certain critical illnesses.

Insurance that provides basic financial security

Customer group life provides you and your family with basic financial help if you become sick or die before you retire.

The insurance provides:

  • Financial security for you and your family
  • lump sump payment to your surviving relatives if you die before age 65
  • possibility of a lump sum for permanently reduced earning capacity
  • possibility of cover for certain critical illnesses
  • possibility of customer group life for your spouse/cohabitant

More about the insurance

Customer group life will guarantee your family a lump sum if you die before reaching retirement age. You may choose cover for death only, or you may choose cover for death, reduced earning capacity and certain critical illnesses.

Please note that benefits from customer group life are standard amounts and cannot be customised. If the amounts paid do not cover your needs, you can supplement or replace customer group life by other insurance. This could, for instance, be individual cover for death and reduced earning capacity.

Any insurance benefits are tax exempt. By contrast, your contributions to customer group life are not tax deductible.

Customise the insurance to match your needs

You may choose to expand your customer group life by disability lump sum benefit and cover for certain critical illnesses.

Disability lump sum benefit

If you expand the insurance by disability lump sum benefit, you will receive a lump sum if your earning capacity is permanently reduced to 1/3 or less. We gradually reduce cover by 1/15 every year from age 51 to age 65 (2024). In practice, this means that your insurance ceases at the end of the quarter in which you turn 65 (2024).

Cover for certain critical illnesses

If you expand your insurance by cover for certain critical illnesses, you will receive a lump sum if you become seriously ill. The amount can help you and your family pay additional expenses in connection with your illness or just sweeten your life through a difficult time.

The purpose of this page is to give you an overview

The information on this webpage is general. Contact us for personal advice based on your individual situation