Velliv has the highest satisfaction rate among corporate customers


Aalund’s company pension barometer for 2022 has just been published. In both customer satisfaction, image and loyalty, Velliv comes out on top. Aalund carries out the customer satisfaction and image survey among decision makers twice a year. The survey covers commercial pension companies.

Velliv prioritises advising

“Over time, we have seen a great reduction in the number of advisors in our business, however, we have chosen to do things differently. We have made a fundamental decision that we want to be present to advise our customers – as individuals and as a company”, Velliv’s CEO Steen Michael Erichsen explains, and he continues:

“It is not quite the expected choice to bet on advising as it will cost us money. However, the customers want personal and considerate advising served with a smile. And we will give them that. At the end of the day, we are still one of the cheapest companies – it is just not what we are known for”, Steen Michael Erichsen says.

No time to relax

The results of the latest company pension barometer from Aalund also show that several other pension companies have increased their satisfaction and image rate.

”Topping the image list exceeds our expectations. We know that Velliv is still a new brand, and even so, we get a top rank. This means that our customers truly understand the benefits of being customer owned. But this is not a time to relax. The competition is tough, and we will continue to put in our best efforts to maintain our top rank.”
Steen Michael Erichsen