First impact investment for customers in Velliv


In order to create sustainable growth, we need to adopt a new approach. As a pension provider, Velliv can help finance and support the transition from a traditional to a more sustainable growth model, while also creating solid long-term returns for our customers. This has been one of our focus areas, and it is therefore with great satisfaction that we can say that the first impact investment has reached Velliv's customers with VækstPension Aktiv and VækstPension Aftryk.

Anders Stensbøl Christiansen, investeringsdirektør i Velliv

Velliv is the co-founder and co-owner of impact fund

In 2022, Velliv allocated DKK 5bn for impact investments in primarily Danish companies with activities in renewable energy and energy efficiency, resource optimisation, and social balance. The impact investments were made by a new administration company, Core Sustainability Capital, which Velliv has helped establish and co-owns. It is the first investment for Core Sustainability Capital's underlying fond, to the benefit of Velliv's customers.

"Our society needs new solutions to secure the green transition and job opportunities in the future. As a pension provider, Velliv wants to help finance and support the transition from a traditional to a more sustainable growth model, a process that many Danish and Nordic companies have already started".
Chief Investment Officer Anders Stensbøl Christiansen

The investment is in the Danish company Scanmetals

The investment was made in the Danish company Scanmetals. Scanmetals specialises in recycling metals and is a leader in the recovery of non-ferrous metal from waste. Among other things, the company reclaims 60,000 tonnes of metal from incineration and metal waste. This way, Scanmetals promotes a circular economy, improves resource efficiency, and reduces the carbon footprint. With the investment, Velliv's customers make a difference in their own backyard while also securing good financial returns on pension assets.

Scan Metals, lager, metal, arbejdsplads

Innovative rethinking of our waste

"Scanmetals applies innovative and sustainable technologies for recovery and refinement of metal from waste. In this, Scanmetals actively contributes to a society that reuses, recycles, and rethinks our waste products. We are looking forward to seeing more strong impact investments for Velliv's customers from Core Sustainability Capital”, Anders Stensbøl Christiansen says.

Impact investments are investments made with the intention to provide a competitive financial return alongside a measurable positive social and environmental impact. 

You can find more information about Velliv's social initiatives in our recently published CSR report 2022 (in Danish).