Velliv still ranks no. 1 in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and image


Velliv is proud and humbled that Aalund’s Firmapensionsbarometer (Corporate pension barometer) of 2023 shows that Velliv still has the highest satisfaction and loyalty rate among corporate customers – and furthermore, is the commercial pension company with the best image of the industry. It is the third year in a row that Velliv takes first place.

Morten Møller, Velliv

We want to do even better

”In Velliv we are proud of and humbled, by the results. Every day, Velliv’s employees make an effort to support and advise customers in the best way possible. Therefore, granting us first place in customer satisfaction, loyalty and image is a great sign of confidence from our customers,” interim CEO Morten Møller says, and he continues:

”We are not going to just sit back. We have focus areas where we want to do even better. Velliv is customer-owned and therefore, our customers will always be at the centre of everything we do.”