Velliv Foreningen is inviting you to join a training programme on the well-being of new hires


Velliv Foreningen has launched a project to ensure that young new hires get a good start to their working lives. Therefore, we can now invite you to join a training programme or become a panellist. We do this because we know that early focus on well-being pays off.

Help first-time hires get a good start to their working lives

As the onboarding of new hires takes place in the individual companies, Velliv Foreningen has developed a training programme that provides specific tools for good onboarding to HR employees or others with daily contact with young employees of the company. The training programme is about to start, and you can join for free. During the programme, you will get insights on how to prepare your company for welcoming first-time hires and supporting them in getting a good start to their working lives.

As this is a test of the programme, where the aim is to gain experience in relation to the next step of the project, your participation will include an evaluation of the programme. This way, you can help create the framework for more young people to get a better start to their working lives and also gain inspiration to use in your company.


What does your company get if you accept the invitation?
  • Knowledge on different generations in the labour market and their characteristics
  • Insight into the challenges of first-time employees and how to tackle them
  • Participation in an onboarding programme targeted at the well-being of young new hires
  • Tools that support good onboarding of young people and enhance the retention potential


Start-up: There are three programmes in March and April, respectively.
Duration: 1.5 day
Price: Free
Who: Employees. E.g., an HR employee or someone with daily contact with young people.
Number of participants: There are approximately 30 seats available.

If you think this could be relevant to your company, please contact Signe Freja Åstradsson from Velliv Foreningen as soon as possible at


Velliv Foreningen is looking for panellists – could that be you?

To complement the project, the Velliv Association has also established a youth panel and a company panel. If you are at the beginning of your working life or are interested in onboarding young employees, you now get an opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences - and at the same time help the project support young people in getting a good start to their working lives.
You can read more (in Danish) and register as a panellist here: