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In a busy and hectic life, an online meeting makes it easy to get answers to all your questions regarding your pension.

Book a meeting

Book a meeting by clicking the button here on the right. Alternatively, you can call us on +45 70 33 99 99 and book a meeting. We will make sure that you receive the information you need before the meeting.

How it works

  1. When you book the meeting, you will receive confirmation which tells you how to prepare for the meeting.

  2. When it is time for the meeting, make sure that you are in a place that allows you to speak freely about your financial situation. This could be in a meeting room at your workplace, in your living room or in your holiday home. You only need to be able to use your computer, your telephone and have internet access.

  3. We will call you and give you a secure link so that you can see our screen on your computer.

  4. You will be guided through all important parts of your pension scheme. You can see images and numbers on the screen while we talk. You can ask questions and have the things you see explained.

  5. When the meeting is over, you will know how your pension scheme works, how you and your family are secured and whether you are on the right course towards the retirement you want.


Get answers to your questions

As your pension company, our focus is to ensure that your financial situation during your retirement is sound and that you have financial security in your current life.

You can use the meeting to get answers to questions such as:

  • Does my pension scheme match my current life
  • Am I saving enough for retirement?
  • How are my pension savings invested?

We will find the answers together, tell you about your options and our recommendations. This allows you to make the right choices to control your pension scheme.