Form: Self-declaration

The reason why you have to fill in this form is that all pension companies have to obtain some basic information about all their customers to help prevent money laundering and financial crime.

You need to use MitID when you fill in the form. Please note that you need to use your MitID twice – first to identify yourself and then to sign the filled in form.

About the form
You fill in the form via a secure connection on the platform of our business partner, Addo Sign. Addo Sign has the same obligations as we do with regard to the processing of sensitive personal data. Read more about the security of Addo Sign here

Thank you for your help preventing financial crime.

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Why we ask questions

We need to protect our customers, our company and society against money laundering and other financial crime. All pension companies must obtain some basic information about the customers because we need to make sure that we are in contact with the right person.

We also have to be able to document that we have seen photo and address ID for all our customers. This also serves as extra security for you.

  • Why do I have to provide the information?

    We need information from you for our ongoing efforts to protect you, our other customers, their companies and society against financial crime. 

    All Danish pension companies have to obtain some basic information about their customers, and we therefore ask you to fill in the form.  

    Read more about the legislation on  and on the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s website

  • When am I a politically exposed person or close family member to a politically exposed person?

    According to the Danish Act on Measures to Prevent Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (the Money Laundering Act), Velliv must have procedures in place to decide whether a customer is a ‘politically exposed person’ or a ‘close family member’ or ‘close associate’ to a politically exposed person. A ‘politically exposed person’ is a person who has – or has had – a certain public function (e.g. minister, member of parliament, ambassador, member of the board of a state-owned company, etc.) An overview can be found on the website of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. On the website of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, you can find more information about what a ‘politically exposed person’, a ‘close family member’ and a ‘close associate’ are.

  • How do you use my information?

    We use your information and ID to make sure that we are in contact with the right person. We ask some of the questions to make sure that the pension savings are not used for financial crime. We treat all information received confidentially based on the Danish rules and regulations on the protection of personal data.

  • What will happen if I do not provide the information?

    If you have any problems understanding the questions or filling in our form, do not hesitate to contact us. Please call us on +45 70 33 99 99.  

    If you choose not to answer the questions, it might influence the way in which you can make contributions to and receive benefits from your pension scheme in future.

  • I am not a new customer, so why do I have to provide information now?

    We know that it might seem strange that you have to answer questions and identify yourself if you have been a customer for several years. However, it is necessary that you continuously help us keep our information about you up to date.

  • I have already provided information to Nordea Bank – why do I have to do it again?

    Nordea and Velliv are two different legal entities and we are not allowed to exchange customer information.

  • How do you contact me?

    If you have agreed to be contacted via e-Boks, that is where we will write to you. Otherwise you will receive a letter by mail. 

    If you do not hear from us, it might be because we already have the information we need. You do not have to do anything unless we contact you.