Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Velliv comprises a chairman and a deputy chairman and 11 board members of which four members are elected by the employees of Velliv.

The Board of Directors comprises:

Anne Broeng, Chairman
Professional Board Member

Peter Gæmelke, Deputy Chairman
Professional Board Member and Farm Owner

Kent Petersen, Board Member
Chairman of Finansforbundet

Karsten Knudsen, Board Member and Chairman of the Audit Committee
Professional Board Member

Lene Klejs Stuhr, Board Member
HR Director of Agilent Technologies Denmark ApS

Gustaf Unger, Board Member
Head of Nordea Life Holding AB

Mads Skovlund Pedersen, Board Member
Director of Nordea Denmark

Chrilles Svendsen, Board Member and Member of the Audit Committee
Professional Board Member

Leif F. Larsen, Board Member
Professional Board Member

Per Lyngh Sørensen, Board Member
Employee Representative

Tommy Østerberg, Board Member
Employee Representative

Mogens Edvard Pedersen, Board Member
Employee Representative

Anne Marie Nielsen, Board Member
Employee Representative