Reduce sedentary behaviour

Sedentary behaviour and physical inactivity are increasing problems which are seen across all age groups in Denmark. Many of us spend a significant part of the day sitting down, which our bodies are not made for. Therefore, do what you can to fight the urge to get too comfortable and use modern conveniences that prevent you from getting exercise.

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Small changes - great effects

Sedentary behaviour increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, being overweight, various cancers and early death – even if you otherwise meet the recommendations for daily physical activity of at least 30 minutes at moderate to high intensity.

Fortunately, most negative effects of sitting for long periods can be reduced by introducing small breaks in your everyday life. Even small everyday activities have a major impact on your health.

Source: Vidensråd for Forebyggelse

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Interrupt your sitting time

Tips for active everyday choices

  • Interrupt your sitting time
  • Stop using the car for short trips – walk or take the bicycle instead.
  • If you have sedentary work, you can decide not to sit down for more than 45 minutes at a time.
  • Stand up, change position and use your height adjustable table.
  • A ball is a healthy alternative to the chair. The ball is an active sitting solution that strengthens the muscles and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Introduce walk and talk meetings.
  • A pedometer can increase your focus on walking 10,000 steps every day. It can motivate you to go for that extra evening walk in order to reach your daily goal.