Life insurance can provide a secure basis for your family

If you have taken out a cover for death, your family will receive a lump sum if you die before you retire. This way you ensure that they will not have any financial worries in a difficult time.

Insurance that provides financial security for your family

If you take out a cover for death with us, you and your family will have a financial safety net.

The insurance provides:

  • basic financial security for your family
  • the possibility of choosing who should receive the insurance benefit
  • the possibility of choosing between lump sum payment or annuities
  • different taxation options

More about insurance

The taxation of the insurance depends on how your pension scheme is composed – e.g. whether your contributions are tax deductible and whether your spouse/cohabitant has to pay tax of the benefits.

Before you can take out a cover for death with us, you need to submit your health information. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need guidance.

Who inherits

When we establish your pension scheme, we automatically enter your ‘next of kin’ as beneficiary. This means that, based on the list below, your next of kin will receive your pension and insurance benefits when you die. If you want someone else to receive the benefits, please let us know here.

The purpose of this page is to give you an overview

The information on this webpage is general. Contact us for personal advice based on your individual situation