Velliv secures another win in corporate customer satisfaction


The research and consulting firm Aalund continuously takes the pulse of the corporate pension market. The latest survey for 2024 has just been published with Velliv’s corporate pension customers expressing the highest level of satisfaction - a decision, they have stood by since 2021.

Customer satisfaction is driven in particular by our personal advice, that we are a service-minded company and that (our) customers feel valued in Velliv. In addition, customers say that Velliv is a safe place to be a customer.

Morten Møller, Velliv

Morten Møller, CCO in Velliv, comments on the results:

”In Velliv we are proud and humbled by the results. Every day, Velliv’s employees make an effort to support and advise customers in the best way possible. Therefore, granting us first place in customer satisfaction and image is a great sign of confidence from our customers,” CCO Morten Møller says, and he further adds:

”We are not going to just sit back, however. We have other focus areas where we want to do even better. Velliv is customer-owned and therefore, our customers will always be at the centre of everything we do. We look forward to offering new online solutions, new health offerings and to enhancing the returns on VækstPension Aktiv.”

About the survey
The survey is prepared by Aalund's Corporate Pensions Barometer (Firmapensionsbarometer). The survey includes 1,218 decision-makers in companies with 10-499 employees. The interviews were conducted over the periods 4/8-2/12 2023 and 1/2-15/5 2024.