VækstPension Aftryk

With VækstPension Aftryk, the basis for the investment is that it is managed with a focus on having the best possible impact on the environment and society. This means that investments will not be made in companies in the following industries: coal, oil & gas, arms, tobacco, alcohol, gambling and pornography. The exclusion of certain industries takes place either via Velliv’s own or our asset manager’s implementation of a sector screening, in which companies with more than 5% of their turnover from the designated excluded sectors are excluded from the product portfolio.

VækstPension Aftryk mainly invests in assets such as funds, shares and bonds that either comply with strict requirements for environmental, social and governance-related standards (also called ESG factors) or which contribute to solving environmental and social challenges that are in line with the UN’s SDGs. 

Initially, we have decided to ensure that the carbon footprint of the investments in VækstPension Aftryk are lower than an equivalent investment in a global and diversified share and bond portfolio.  

If you want to learn more about how much your savings can reduce your carbon footprint, try our calculator (in Danish only).

The long-term returns and risk profile is expected to match that of Velliv’s other products. However, due to an investment universe where more sectors are excluded, in the short term the product may have a different risk profile and, as a result, different levels of volatility in terms of returns.  

High, medium and low risk profiles 

Everyone has individual needs and different risk appetites. We have created three risk profiles that allow you to choose the one that suits you. 

You can always log onto Netpension and see what risk profile you have chosen. 

Current return incl. bonus and DinKapital


Years until retirement Year to date 2021* August 2021 Long-term return
Low risk 5 3.9 0.4 11.7
10 6.5 0.8 16.9
Over 15 7.2 0.9 18.2
Medium risk 5 7.7 1.0 19.1
10 10.7 1.4 25.0
Over 15 11.5 1.6 26.6
High risk 5 12.4 1.7 28.5
10 15.8 2.2 35.5
Over 15 16.7 2.3 37.3

* Updated: 31.08.2021.

Current return


Years until retirement Year to date 2020* August 2021 Long-term return
Low risk 5 3.8 0.4 11.9
010 6.6 0.9 17.3
Over 15 7.3 1.0 18.7
Medium risk 5 7.7 1.0 19.6
10 10.9 1.5 25.9
Over 15 11.7 1.6 27.5
High risk 5 12.7 1.8 29.5
10 16.4 2.3 37.0
Over 15 17.3 2.4 38.9

* Updated 31.08.2021.