This product is no longer offered for new pension schemes. With a Gennemsnitsrente, you do not have to worry about fluctuations in the financial markets or practical investment details. On the other hand, your chances of making a high return are limited.

Security for your pension benefits

With a Gennemsnitsrente, you will know how much you will receive every month.

You will get:

  • security and stability above all
  • a minimum of involvement - so that you can spend your time doing other things
  • overview of your future pension benefits
  • professional, active investment as the basis for the interest rate
  • payment of your savings as annuity pension or¬†Livrente+.

How we invest your with-profits pension

When you have a Gennemsnitsrente, the interest on your pension savings is based on Velliv's joint investment pools. The investments of the pools are divided into bonds, real estate, shares and alternative investments, such as forestry and private equity. Your pension savings are linked to the pool that matches the interest contribution group in which your pension scheme is placed.

Read more about the investments with a Gennemsnitsrente.

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Lowest risk

When you choose a Gennemsnitsrente, you do not have to worry about the security of your savings. There is no risk that you will lose the future pension benefits which we have agreed on.

Return and interest

When you choose Gennemsnitsrente, the return on your pension savings will be the interest on policyholders' savings. You can see the current rate of interest on policyholders' savings here.

The interest on policyholders' savings will be based on the collective reserves and our investments which are handled by our investment experts. They make sure to achieve the best possible return while focusing on secure investments.

The interest on policyholders' savings can be changed with effect from the first day of any month.


With a Gennemsnitsrente, you pay two types of costs:

  1. Direct costs for the management of your pension scheme. Such costs are deducted from your savings.
  2. Indirect costs in the form of investment management costs, a risk premium and an interest margin by which the interest on policyholders' savings is reduced.

Your total annual costs depend on your savings and the composition of your scheme. In 2018, the APR for the investment costs of the average customer was 0.41 per cent.

You can see your total annual costs in DKK and your annual percentage rate (APR) in Netpension.


The purpose of this page is to give you an overview

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