Your pension will be disbursed

What does that mean to Skattestyrelsen

Do I need to submit my tax deduction card?

You do not have to submit your tax deduction card to us. We automatically receive information about your income tax rate and any tax deduction from Skattestyrelsen. 

What do I have to do when I live abroad, and I am exempted from tax?

If your tax exemption applies for as long as you live abroad, you do not have to do anything.

If you have just moved from Denmark, you have to send us the tax exemption declaration from the municipality from which you move.

If your tax exemption is for one year, you need to send us a new tax exemption declaration every year. If the tax exemption is for several years, you only have to send a new one when the old one expires.

You have to send us the original declaration; not a copy.

If you move back to Denmark and are therefore no longer exempted from tax, please remember to contact us with your new tax information.

When do I have to change my tax information?

Skattestyrelsen (the Danish tax authority) automatically notifies us if you change your advance tax assessment at any time during the year.

You only have to inform us if you want to change between your primary tax card and your secondary tax card, so that in future we use the primary tax card instead of the secondary tax card (or vice versa).

You also need to contact us if you have a tax exemption card and want to change to the primary/secondary tax card, or if you move back to Denmark and are therefore no longer exempted from tax.

You can call our Customer Centre on +45 70 33 99 99 or write to us.

Write to us

In order for us to change the next payment, we need to receive your changed tax information by the 10th of the month.

Will my regular payments automatically be reported to Skattestyrelsen?

Every year, we report the amount you have received to Skattestyrelsen.

When will I be notified of next year’s payment?

Shortly after New Year, you will receive a pension overview which will show your payment for the new year.