We help you if you become ill or injured

We provide the necessary advice if you become ill or injured. We follow you from start to end and a social counsellor can support you in the process.

You can read more about your options under ‘Social counselling’ and ‘Close contact’ in the menu to the left.

Quick help pays off
We recommend that you notify us as soon as possible if you become ill or injured – this improves your chances of avoiding long-term sickness absence or permanent injuries.

Your social counselling will help you

If you become ill or have problems attending to work, it might be difficult to find the energy for all the practicalities. What about the money, for how long can you be absent and how do you apply for help from your municipality? 

Our social counsellors are ready to help you with any insurance, health and social matters. 

We can help you

  • guide you through the public system 
  • look at your options of staying at work
  • the dialogue with your employer and municipality
  • provide information about the interaction between insurance and social security benefits
  • join different programmes in Velliv

We keep close contact to you

We follow you through the entire process and help you return to work and find the balance in life again.

  • When you have sent a form to notify us of your illness or accident, we will contact you to discuss the next steps and answer any questions. 
  • If you are entitled to insurance benefits, we will also consider your options of returning to work sooner. 
  • We follow up along the way and contact you on a regular basis to let you know what is going on.