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Cash in your pension scheme

You can cash in your pension scheme even if you have not reached the agreed retirement age. However, this requires that you meet certain conditions.

What costs do you have to pay?
From 1 January 2024, the following costs/fees will apply:

  • Cancellation fee: DKK 2,090 if you are under 60 years of age. May be DKK 0 if you are over 60 years of age.
  • Government tax: Maximum 60 per cent.

The amount of costs and fees is based on the rates in force from time to time as reported to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

After payment of fees and tax, the remaining amount of your savings will be transferred to your NemKonto. Please note that payments to NemKonto are not protected against claims from creditors. The amount can be protected if you choose to have the amount transferred to a separate account.

Notify us
If you want to cash in your pension scheme, please write to us and we will tell you about your options.

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