Flexible savings options – unique savings palette

We develop our products in line with our customers' expectations and needs. Our unique savings palette ensures that all employees can find a product that matches their individual needs for security and return.

VækstPension – low involvement and attractive return

We generally recommend that employees place most of their savings in VækstPension Medium risk, active management.

This is a savings product that ensures a good balance between investment risk and return and which automatically adjusts the risk level to your age. This means that the savings look after themselves all life long and that the employee only has to choose once.

Most people leave the investments to us

The majority of our customers choose to let us create a portfolio of investments. We do so in the life-cycle products of VækstPension and when the employee chooses HøjrentePension.

Employees who want to make their own investment can choose LinkPension. LinkPension gives the employees access to a wide range of funds, allowing them to create their own portfolio of investments.

If the employee only wants to invest part of the pension savings himself/herself, it is possible to combine LinkPension with the various other savings products on our palette.

Pension is a long-term investment

Investments are the core of the employees' pension scheme. Therefore, we focus on how we can ensure that our customers' pension schemes provide the best options for a long and secure senior life.  

Pension is a long-term investment. We analyse the world challenges today but aim for return 10, 20 and 30 years ahead in time. This requires our investment experts to be patient and stay cool.

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Interest on policyholders' savings for with-profits pension

We recommend that the return is considered for a period of several years and preferably over a full economic cycle, as pension is a long-term investment.

Balance between return and risk

We have investment experts who ensure that the employees obtain a good balance between return and risk – without having to familiarise themselves with the investment of their pension scheme.

About 10 per cent of our customers still prefer a with-profits pension product. With Velliv, the employees can therefore choose between with-profits pension and unit-linked pension. And we have – as the only company in the market – updated the with-profits pension product without compromising security and simplicity.

When the employees choose their savings type, the proper balance between risk and return is decisive. The general recommendation is to de-risk with age: The younger the employees are, the greater the risk they can afford to take. But the employees also have to be able to sleep well at night. The individual advice is key to helping the customer find the right product that matches the customer's needs and risk appetite.

Active, Aftryk or index management?

The difference between active and index-based investment is the risk diversification of the investments and the day-to-day attention paid to individual investments.

Our actively managed savings products ensure the best risk diversification. Our investment experts monitor the market and select and assess on an ongoing basis the composition of the investment types.

Aftryk, the basis for the investment is that it is managed with a focus on having the best possible impact on the environment and society. This means that investments will not be made in companies in the following industries: coal, oil & gas, arms, tobacco, alcohol, gambling and pornography. 

Index-based investments automatically follow a number of the most widely used indexes. In return, the investment management costs are lower.

With Velliv, employees can choose the investment type in which they have most confidence.