Insurance for all life situations

Our insurance provides financial security for your employees and their families on all detours of life.

Financial security if the employee loses his/her earning capacity

The employee can lose his/her earning capacity and his/her income due to illness or accident. Disability pension provides the employee with a fixed monthly income. You can choose that we automatically adjust the size of the disability pension to always reflect the employee’s current salary.

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The employee receives a tax exempt amount in case of a serious illness

The employee may become seriously ill without losing the ability to work. The cover for certain critical illnesses provides the employee with a tax exempt amount for additional expenses incurred in connection with the illness – or just to sweeten life through a difficult time.

Not only your employees can become critically ill. You can also choose to provide cover for your employees’ children.

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Financial security for the employee's family on death

If the employee dies before retirement age, life insurance provides financial security for the family. Then they do not have to worry about money during the first difficult period.

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The employee gets immediate assistance in case of illness or accident

The employee will receive prompt treatment and expenses for preliminary examinations, surgery and rehabilitation will be covered. That provides a sense of security for you and your employees.

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