Savings for pension

You can rest assured that we take good care of your pension savings once you get started.

  • 90% of our savers have VækstPension, which automatically adjusts the risk level to your age

  • If you subscribe to Good Advice, you will get a regular status telling you whether everything is fine or whether we need to make adjustments

  • With three sources of return, you might get a little extra with Velliv that makes your savings grow: your normal return, DinKapital and bonus from Velliv Foreningen.

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You can see your savings in Netpension

Quick overview on your phone

You can use the Velliv app to check your contributions and return. You can also see your own terms and conditions.

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Read more about our products

Secure savings and possibility of a moderate return With HøjrentePension, you do not have to worry about the ups and downs of the financial markets.
Optimum balance between risk and return You tell us how willing you are to take a risk and whether you want active or index management – then we will automatically handle the rest.
Responsibility for your own investments For you who want to invest.
With-profits pension
Security for your savings. With-profits pension is the traditional product that offers a high degree of security but also limited return.
With profits pension
Secure investments in your own pension company. With DinKapital, you can look forward to solid interest at a low risk.