Personal advice that helps the employee make the important decisions

Each employee will be offered personal advice. The close relation is important because it allows us to show the employee his/her options in an informal and simple way.

The adviser is there to help the employee and bases his/her advice on the needs and options of the employee. Our advisers respect the choices, questions and doubts of the individual employee. Pension should not be wrapped up in empty phrases and long explanations. The conversation should be clear and to the point to allow the employee to make a decision on a reasonable and secure basis.


Clear information and recommendations

In Velliv, we have an informal culture, and your employees will probably feel that at the advisory meeting.

At the meeting, the employee will get:

  • A visual and clear presentation of the advisory service.
  • The possibility of asking questions and discuss subjects. We write all decisions down – regardless of whether the employee decides to follow our recommendations or not.
  • A summary of what we have discussed.

A few days after the meeting, the employee will receive a report that summarises the meeting and what we agreed on.