Good overview and relevant news

You do not have to know everything about pension to optimise your pension scheme. But by knowing your options, you can make more of your pension and insurance.

News from Velliv

Eight times a year, se send out our newsletter by e-mail to employees covered by the pension scheme. We select relevant news about new options and legislation. The subjects are presented in a simple, clear and readily-understandable manner so you do not have to wade through long, irrelevant articles.

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Information brochure

When joining the scheme, your employees automatically receive an information brochure providing an introduction to your specific company pension scheme. That way, all employees will know their pension scheme and know who to contact if they have any questions or requests.

Co-created communication

We can tailor employee communication in close cooperation with our large customers. That ensures optimum consistency between the pension scheme and the company's values, products and other communication. Call your contact person at Velliv for more information.


We send increasingly more letters and documents via e-Boks to the individual employee. Then the employee will have information about pension and insurance in one place.