Nomination of beneficiaries – who will inherit?

Remember to adapt the nomination of beneficiaries under your pension scheme to your current life situation.

When we establish your pension scheme, we automatically enter your ‘next of kin’ as beneficiary. This means that, based on the list below, your next of kin will receive your pension and insurance benefits when you die. If you want someone else to receive the benefits, please let us know.

It is particularly important to consider your nomination of beneficiaries when you have children, get married or get divorced.

Next of kin, in order of priority, is/are:

  • your spouse/registered partner
  • your cohabitant, if you live together and have done so for at least two years or are expecting, have or have had children together
  • your natural heirs (i.e. your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren – but not stepchildren)
  • your heirs according to your will
  • your heirs according to the rules of the Danish Inheritance Act

The prioritised list does not apply to children's pension and spouse's pension.

Choose another beneficiary

Choose a specific person as beneficiary

If your pension scheme is not tax-deductible, you are free to decide who to nominate as beneficiary. You can write the name of the person you want to nominate as beneficiary.

If your pension scheme is tax-deductible, you can only choose:

  • your spouse/registered partner
  • your cohabitant with whom you share an address at the time of the nomination
  • your divorced spouse/registered partner
  • your natural heirs (i.e. your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren)
  • stepchildren and their natural heirs
  • a person with whom you share an address at the time when you nominate the person as beneficiary – or his/her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Other rules apply to nominations of next of kin made before 1 January 2008 and which have not been changed since then.

The purpose of this page is to give you an overview

The information on this webpage is general. Contact us for personal advice based on your individual situation