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The purpose of Velliv’s remuneration policy is to support Velliv’s ability to recruit, develop and retain highly motivated and skilled employees.

Velliv aims to ensure that our employees do not receive remuneration in any way that contravenes the obligation to act in the best interest of our customers. This means that there are no remuneration schemes, sales targets or other schemes that might urge the individual employee to recommend a specific insurance product when the employee could offer a different product that would better cover our customer’s need.

The employees of Velliv receive a fixed salary payable for a fully satisfactory performance. Salary is based on three factors: Job complexity and responsibility, performance and local market conditions. Any fixed personal supplement will be linked to a specific job function and be payable in cash along with the monthly fixed salary.

Variable remuneration can be paid to employees to recruit, retain and motivate them to a strong performance and to support Velliv’s cost flexibility. When savings are transferred to Velliv, variable remuneration may be paid to the adviser. No further remuneration is paid based on the conclusion of the individual insurance contract.

If a pension scheme has been taken out via a business partner or is served by an insurance broker, they can be contacted to obtain information about the type of remuneration they receive in connection with the insurance contract.

Information about remuneration in Velliv

Information about remuneration in Velliv

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