How it is calculated

Status of the pension savings is based on:

  • Your pension savings – if your scheme has been adjusted within the past month, this might not yet fully show in the status calculation.
  • That your current contributions to pension scheme(s) with us continue.
  • Our standard recommendations which are based on you being able to maintain your financial standard of living when you retire.
  • That most people have an amount corresponding to their annual salary held in liquid form and approximately two times their annual salary held as equity in their home. Moreover, you might have funds elsewhere and other individual needs to take into consideration. If that is the case, we recommend that you call us.
  • The terms and conditions of your pension scheme determine when the conditions for payment etc. have been met. You will find the terms and conditions in by logging in. We have assumed that you are entitled to full state pension from the currently applicable state pension ages. The Danish parliament has decided that the highest state pension age is currently 68 years.
  • Obviously, changes may occur in your life and in the world around us which mean that our recommendation will change. The calculations are thus a snapshot of the information we have about your pension scheme today. The calculation is based on current legislation and the industry assumptions for calculating pension forecasts.

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