Business partners Tryg and Nordea

Velliv, Nordea’s banking unit and Tryg cooperate to create better and more coherent solutions for you and our other customers. This means financial benefits for you no matter which company you contact.

Overview of your financial affairs

Velliv works closely with the bank Nordea Denmark, branch of Nordea Bank AB (publ), Sweden, so you can rest assured that your pension and life insurance are always coherent with your personal financial affairs. The bank has the full overview of your financial affairs. At the same time, they are very close to advice on and handling of money matters which are relevant for your everyday life – e.g. loans, home purchase, budgeting and investment

Focus on insurance and a secure everyday life

Tryg helps you make your life more secure. We handle your savings and life insurance to provide financial security for you and your family now and in future. Tryg insures everything that is important to you and provides personal advice before, during and after a claim