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Claim form for certain critical illnesses / child

Fill out the claim form electronically here. You must have an email address to complete the application.

You sign your claim form with your MitID.

If you and the other parent have joint custody or if the other parent has full custody, they must also give their consent for us to obtain additional information.

You will need to have the other custodial parent's email adress and civil reg (CPR) on hand.

If the child is 18 years old or older, the child must give his or her consent for us to obtain further information. You must therefore have the child's email address on hand.

Claim form for certain critical illnesses / child.

Send the child's medical record information to us

Here you will find instructions on how to find and save the child's medical records and test results on, and how to upload them to us. In this way, we can process your claim and the information at the same time, and you will therefore get a decision from us faster.

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About the claim

You complete the claim via a secure connection on our partner Visma Addo platform. Visma Addo has the same obligations as we have in relation to the processing of sensitive personal data. Read more about security at Visma Addo here.