With a current 5 per cent rate of return and a low risk, DinKapital is a plus for the savings.

Almost all new savers in Velliv will automatically have DinKapital, but if you have been with us from before May 2017 – and make contributions via your employer – you have to actively select it.

If you contribute less than DKK 1,000 a month to VækstPension, LinkPension or HøjrentePension, the value of selecting DinKapital is so limited that it might not be interesting for you. Call our advisers on +45 70 33 99 99.

Select DinKapital by filling in a form and sign using NemID. Just click below and we will handle it for you. You will then receive an e-mail containing a form which you open by entering your civil registration number without the hyphen.

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You currently get a 5 per cent rate of return

The return is currently 5 per cent, which is a solid return compared to the low risk.

As a general rule, interest is fixed on an annual basis but may be changed on a monthly basis.


You can save up to 5 per cent

5 per cent of your future contributions through your employer to VækstPension, LinkPension and HøjrentePension are saved in DinKapital.

The savings are tied up while you are a Velliv customer, but you can stop making contributions to DinKapital at any time.


Low risk

With DinKapital you make venture capital available to your pension company.

DinKapital forms part of Velliv's capital base and involves a low risk. DinKapital will not be used to cover a loss until all joint reserves, all equity and all prior ranking capital have been lost.


Five per cent of your contributions for savings under VækstPension, LinkPension or HøjrentePension are invested in DinKapital, which offers an attractive and stable return at a low risk. DinKapital forms part of Velliv’s capital base and therefore constitutes security for the savings of the customers.  Read more under "More about risk". ...


More about risk

Technically speaking, DinKapital is included in Velliv's capital base as 'subordinated capital'. This means that before DinKapital is to cover any loss, Velliv must have lost all joint reserves, all equity and all prior ranking capital, which has never happened in the company's more than 150-year history, and it has never happened to a Danish life insurance company.

Return and interest

As a customer, you help build capital in Velliv when you choose DinKapital. In return, you get a competitive return at a low risk.

You will get a stable return of currently five per cent. As a general rule, interest is fixed on an annual basis but may be changed on a monthly basis.


For 2017, APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for the investment management costs was 0 per cent.

In addition to investment management costs, you pay direct costs for the management of your pension scheme.

Your total APR depends on your savings and on how your scheme is made up.

You can see your total costs stated as Annual Costs in DKK and Annual Percentage Rate (APR) in Netpension.

Insurance conditions

See the General Insurance Conditions for DinKapital