Investment management costs VækstPension

VækstPension is based on a number of funds. You can see the funds you have in Netpension under Funds and return. When you have 15 years left until retirement, we will gradually start to reduce the risk exposure of your investment. We do so by moving part of your savings from one fund to another.

Investment management costs

Here you can see the investment management costs of the individual funds. You can see your total costs in by logging in.

Investment management costs of the individual funds



APR 2022

Low risk

VækstPension, fund 3

0.98 %

VækstPension, fund 1

0.73 %

Medium risk

VækstPension, fund 4 

1.14 %

VækstPension, fund 2 

0.86 %

High risk

VækstPension, fund 5 

1.18 %

VækstPension, fund 3 

0.98 %


VækstPension Guarantee, fund A 

1.10 %

VækstPension Guarantee, fund B 

0.82 %

Index Low risk

Index Medium risk

Index High risk

VækstPension Index shares

0.56 %

VækstPension Index bonds

0.58 %

Index Garanti

VækstPension Garanti, Index A

0.57 %

VækstPension Garanti, Index B

0.59 %

Aftryk Low risk

Aftryk Medium risk

Aftryk High risk

VækstPension Aftryk shares

1,07 %

VækstPension Aftryk bonds

0,86 %


Change of investment profile

Please note that we charge a fee of DKK 315 for changing your investment profile. 


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