Continue your pension scheme with your new employer

In most cases, you can continue your pension scheme with us with contributions from your new employer.

What will happen to your insurance under the new pension scheme?
When your new employer starts making contributions to your pension scheme, the remaining cover for critical illness, death and reduced earning capacity will generally continue unchanged. However, the following insurance will be changed: 

  • Children's lump sum will lapse
  • Children's pension will expire at age 24

If your insurance cover is based on a percentage of your pensionable salary, it will continue as a percentage, but generally with the same amount of benefits regardless of whether your salary has increased or decreased.

What is the price of your insurance cover?
The price of your insurance cover might change. If so, it will in most cases be higher. In order for us to state the correct price of your insurance cover, we need to know your main occupation and your employer’s company registration number. Your main occupation is the occupation from which you earn most of your income. 

If you want to know the price of your insurance cover, please do not hesitate to call us on +45 70 33 99 99 or

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How much needs to be contributed to your pension scheme?

Your new employer needs to contribute to your pension scheme every month. The contribution must be a percentage of your salary and it has to include labour market contribution.

The contribution must at least be:

  • 3 per cent of your pensionable salary, and 
  • 1.500 DKK a month

If either of the above two criteria is not met, you cannot continue your pension scheme with contribution from a new employer.

Moreover, the contribution must be at least 10 per cent of your benefits under your cover for reduced earning capacity. If the annual benefits are DKK 300,000, the annual contribution to your pension scheme must be at least DKK 30,000. If the contribution is less, the benefits under your cover for reduced earning capacity will be reduced accordingly.

What should your new employer do?

Your employer undertakes to administer the contributions to your pension scheme. We will send a contribution guide to your new employer.

Do you need to provide new health information?

You might be asked to provide health information if we have to make a new assessment. This might become relevant if the contribution you have agreed with your new employee means that your waiver of contribution becomes larger than it was when you resigned.

What costs will be added to your pension scheme?

Various costs will be added to your pension scheme when it continues with contributions from your new employer.

Costs and fees apply from 1 january 2024.

  • Contribution costs:
    • Annual contribution of DKK 0 to DKK 100.000: 2,25 pct.
    • Share of the annual contribution that exceeds DKK 100.000: 0 per cent
  • VækstPension with guarantee:
    • Guarantee: 0,3 per cent of the savings per year

Cost of savings


Of the savings, we deduct:

The minimum annual costs are

The maximum annual costs are 










DKK 470

DKK 2,600









The amount of costs, including fees, is based on the rates in force from time to time as reported to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Do you have insurance cover with other pension companies?

If you decide to continue the pension scheme with us while taking out similar insurance with another company, you need to check whether you are over-insured. If you have pension schemes with other companies, you can save administration costs by combining them. Call or write us for more information.

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If you want to continue your pension scheme with contributions from your new employer, please fill in the form you have received from us by letter after your contributions stopped.

All pension companies need some basic information about all their customers to prevent money laundering and financial crime. Therefore we need some information about you as a customer.

Please do not hesitate to call us on +45 70 33 99 99 or write to us if you have any questions.

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