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Employer bankrupt – what happens to pension and insurance?

If your employer goes bankrupt, you have to contact the Danish Employees' Guarantee Fund as soon as possible. They can tell you if they can pay salary to you and make contributions to your pension scheme with us.

When your employer has gone bankrupt, you have to decide what to do with your pension scheme. And you have to contact us as soon as possible if you want to continue your pension scheme after the contributions have stopped. 

If you do not contact us, your pension scheme will automatically be changed into a paid-up policy and that leaves you with your savings only. If the value of your savings is less than DKK 11.100 (2020), the scheme will be terminated. After payment of fees and charges to SKAT, any surplus value will be paid into your NemKonto.

What will happen to your insurance cover?

If you have a pension scheme with contributions from an employer, you will have some time to consider. Your insurance cover for critical illness, death and reduced earning capacity will remain unchanged for the first three months after contributions have stopped. We use your savings to pay for your tax-deductible insurance cover. If you have non-deductible insurance cover, payment for such cover will be taken from the last contribution.

After three months, all of your insurance policies will expire, and you will be left with only your pension savings. Therefore, it is important that you contact us before the insurance covers expire if you want them to continue beyond the three months. 

If one of the following insurance policies were included in your pension scheme, they already ceased on the date of your resignation:

  • Health insurance
  • Cancellation of certificate
  • Occupational disability

Read more about your options

You can continue your pension scheme:

If your pension scheme includes both insurance and savings, it might continue:

If your pension scheme only includes savings, you can: